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  • All drivers must register with ISR and receive ID number before they will be allowed to race. Register at

  • Helmets are required to be DOT and SNELL 2010 or ECE 22.05 and 75% orange.

  • The back of the driver’s jacket will require 144 square inches (12”x12”) of orange and include their sled number.

  • Eye protection (Goggles or helmet shield).

  • Over the ankle boots. 

  • Shin (with knee) guards.

  • ISR approved Safety/TekVest will be required in all classes.

  • Elbow pads are recommended but not required.



  • Tether cords in proper working order are mandatory.

  • All sleds must be equipped with stock OEM chain tensioner bracket, puck and brake band bracket.  Excluded from this are F1 and F3.

  • All sleds must be equipped with functional brakes, chain and clutch guards.

  • All sleds must have a battery operated light (bicycle light) on the back of the sled, even if they have a working taillight.

  • To aid in steering safety, heim joints, steering rods, and handlebar hooks will be allowed in all classes. (See hooks in stock class in ISR Book)

  • The color orange is not permitted on any sled; any visible orange must be removed or concealed.

  • Drivers number must be clearly visible on both sides of the sled and at least 6-8” high.

  • FUEL:  Alcohol, oxygenated/reformulated gas or fuel additives may not be used. 

  • Fuel will be periodically checked and must meet ISR and Digatron specs. These fuels are toxic, dangerous and cause serious health effects.




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